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Re: Door speakers

To: "Scott Gardner" <>
Subject: Re: Door speakers
From: Graham McCann <>
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 16:42:08 +1000
At 11:05 pm 26/8/97 +0000, Scott Gardner wrote:
>Subject: Speakers in doors and interior trim ?
>I am installing a new interior in my 74 B.  would like to make
>accomodations for adding speakers in the future.  Most of the speakers
>I have seen have been in the doors.  Anything special I need to do in
>running the wire to the door? The door swings wide from the body and
>it seems to me there would be a lot of speaker wire that would be
>exposed between the door and the body.  Any trouble with this wire
>pinching, etc. ?

The late MGBs, which had door speakers, used to run the speaker wire out
along the top of the top door hinge.  There were special clips to keep the
wire with the hinge as the door was opened.  That way any slack went back
into the door jamb.  Within the door it then tracked down inside to the
There is a hole in the front edge of most doors which looks as though it
was meant for speaker wires.  It may have been the intention but was not
what the factory did.


97 MGF

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