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Re: logo color

To: "Tyson Sherman" <>, "John A. Wise" <>
Subject: Re: logo color
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 07:16:07 -0400
I seem to recall that a red background was standard on certain years of the
rubber bumper cars, although I don't know which.  Victoria British shows a
red background badge that "fits" all rubber bumpers, but it doesn't specify
what year it is appropriate for.  According to The Roadster Factory
catalog, the red background are correct for LE's.  Don't have a Moss
catalog handy.  Hope this helps!


Chris Delling

At 02:57 PM 9/2/97 -0500, Tyson Sherman wrote:
>Clausager's "Original MGB" shows the front logo for rubber
>bumper models as silver letters with a black background,
>but the UK 80 LE models had silver letters on a red background.
>The book does not say whether the black on the rear badge
>was gloss or flat, but pictures indicate that it was more
>of a glosssy look (also a UK 80 LE model).  
>Hope this helps.

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