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To: Graham McCann <>
Subject: Re: MGD, MGE
From: Mike Lishego <>
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 1997 06:50:20 -0700
Graham McCann wrote:
> You might wonder what happened to the MGE and MGE, since the models went
> from the MGC to the current MGF.
> The MGD was an aborted project car and the MGE was a concept car which laid
> them in the aisles at the Frankfurt motor show in the 1980s.

Does anyone know of any pictures of these cars in books or on the internet?  I 
have a 
book at home called "The MG Story" or something like that, and it chronicles 
the MG 
cars in pictures.  There is a picture of a car that looks something like an 
vette in the last battery of pictures.  Is this a MGE?  
I have read that the MGD was a gorgeous car, but was scrapped for the fluky, 
neat, TR-7.  Anyone care to guess why?

Michael S. Lishego
St. Andrews Presbyterian College
Elementary Education Major,
English Minor, Class of 1999
R.A. of Winston-Salem Hall

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