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Re: High Quality Water Pumps

To: "Richard A. Boris" <>
Subject: Re: High Quality Water Pumps
From: Robert Allen <>
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 1997 23:55:15 +0100
Richard A. Boris wrote:
> The question is, were later MGB's manufactured with cast iron water
> pumps? If they were, where can they be procured from? Are there any
> other high quality pump manufactures out there?

I thought all 'original' pumps were cast iron. Only the aftermarket ones
were pot metal. (Guess why there is no core charge.) In any case, find a
cast iron one and have it rebuilt. You get back all the same metal along
with a new bearing and some round rubber things. Maybe a brass thingy
that looks like a thimble, too.

If you can't find rebuilders in the yeloow page, try calling deisel
truck repair shops and ask them where they get their pumps rebuilt.

Tell John Morris hello. If he'll send me his dead pump and about $75 I
can get it rebuilt here. Yeah, it's more than a pot metal pump and I
won't be makin' a nickel on the deal.

Bob Allen, Kansas City, '69CGT, '75TR6, that beautiful Elva.

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