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1500 Bottom End Rebuild

To: MG <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: 1500 Bottom End Rebuild
From: Adrian Jones <>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 12:17:57 -0400
Hi Folks,
        Well, it's time to bite the big one and put new big end bearings =
my 1500 Midget.  Or is it??!!

        There is no unusual sound from the engine at start up or any othe=
time.  The oil pressure, however, is a little worrying. It starts off abo=
60 or 70 and gradually decreases to about 20 when  cruising around town. =

At idle, it goes down to about 9 or 10.  Once, when it was idling about 5=
rpm it actually went down to about 5 psi.

        If  a rebuild is advisable, the shopping list includes a set of r=
bearing, set of main bearings, new con rod bolts, thrust washer set and, =
course, the oil pan gasket.  Anything missing?

        My long suffering wife has been told that there's just a couple o=
more things that need to be done, so it would be nice if this (major, for=

me at least) operation went smoothly.

TIA,   Adrian

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