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Re: Clutch hydraulics

To: Debra A Morrow <>
Subject: Re: Clutch hydraulics
From: pat bailey <>
Date: Sat, 04 Oct 1997 08:27:42 -0700
Debra A Morrow wrote:
> I've rebuilt the slave cyl and am trying to bleed the air out of the
> system.  I am pumping the clutch and the bleeder valve is spurting but
> it seems to suck the air back each time the clutch is pushed.  What am I
> doing wrong?
> Debbie
> 79B
> Forced to buy a socket set this am
Put a piece of plastic tubing on the bleeder and put in a jar of brake
fluid.You will see air bubbles come out on the down stroke and then
close the bleeder on the up stroke the tube in the jar will keep any air
from being sucked back into the system.With someone pumping the pedal
this is an easy job..Just make sure the resevoir keeps full.Keep pumping
until no bubbles come out and the pedal feels right.
Good luck.....Pat

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