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Re: Trailer tie down

To: "george procyshyn" <>
Subject: Re: Trailer tie down
From: "Tyson Sherman" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 23:12:28 -0500
I pulled my 76 B on a trailer behind my dad's Navajo
for 120 miles last winter.  here's my procedure:

Drive car up trailer, center both forward and sideways.
Chocked the wheel with double-stacked 2x4s (or 2x6s)
so that it's around 4" tall.  Do this in front of the front
wheels and behind the backs.
Then put a chain around both the front a-arms and
then hook that to the trailer, with no slack.  The car
didn't budge.  Just make sure the two-bys are nailed
to the trailer really good and there is no slack in the


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