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Re: Not Again!!!!! MGB disaster

To: "Scott Gardner" <>
Subject: Re: Not Again!!!!! MGB disaster
From: "Tyson Sherman" <>
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 23:28:55 -0500
> Tyson,
>       Thanks for the kind words.  Mine was revving about 4250 when the 
> problem started.  
>       One other thing I've been thinking.  With the heavy-duty oil pump 
> and uprated relief spring, I was kind of expecting to have higher 
> than 55 psi on the highway.  I wonder if it's possible that something 
> was missed during the rebuild, and the high-flow pump was the only 
> thing that kept the pressure from being abysmal up till now.
> Scott

I guess you don't have OD, then.  I do have more than
60lbs at 4250rpm (I have like 70lbs).  
I've been having oil pressure relief valve/spring problems
recently.  My pump wasn't replaced but rumor has it
that the springs from Moss (such as mine) are defective
and don't hold pressure. 


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