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Re: torque setting

To: Skip Kelsey <>, Steven Tritle <>,
Subject: Re: torque setting
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 09:02:51 -0400

I am familiar with the term . . . just not as it applies to the torque
value for a fastener, that is unless you have a torque wrench that first
measures the tensile load on the bolt, and then divides it by the
diametrical area of the bolt.



At 05:19 PM 10/15/97 -0700, Skip Kelsey wrote:
>PSI= pounds per square inch.
>Skip.........At 03:49 PM 10/15/97 -0400, Chris Delling wrote:
>>At 08:21 AM 10/15/97 -0700, Skip Kelsey wrote:
>>>Dont torque the 8MM rocker bolts more than 20PSI. The prior specs given by
>>>Woods is not correct. The 10MM bolts should go 40-42PSI.
>>>Skip.......At 10:19 AM 10/15/97 -0400, Steven Tritle wrote:
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Steve,
>>>>> There are only four brackets on the XPAG engine of your TD.  Once the
>>>>> bolts are removed, the whole assembly simply lifts off the head.  Torque
>>>>> value for the 10mm bolts is 43 ft/lb and for the 8mm, its 29 ft/lbs.  In
>>>>> cases, you'll probably need a set of four keepers to hold the bolts in
>>>>> after the torque is set.  The old ones may be salvable but many times
>>>>> tabs are ready to break off from too much bending.
>>>>> Make sure you lay the parts out in order to reassemble in the exact
>>>order of
>>>>> disassembly.  Especially the shaft.  It has an oil hole at the rear
>>>>> to pass the oil under pressure to lubricate the whole rocker set-up.
>>If it
>>>>> gets in bass-ackwards...
>>>>> no oil and there goes the rocker bushings.  Jim
>>>>There are homemade shims under the rocker brackets of my TD's shaft
>>>>assembly. I am replacing one cracked bracket. The four brackets all have
>>>>"22914 stamped on them and my new one does not. The size etc. seems to
>>>>be OK. Should I be wary? 
>>>>Everything else seems to be in order.
>>>>52 TD

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