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I am a tree-hugging polluter! (no lbc content)

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: I am a tree-hugging polluter! (no lbc content)
From: "Editors, Molecular Vision" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 19:59:04 -0400

Your post makes it appear as though you think that people who are concerned
about air quality are "envirionmentalist wackoo...Earth First pinkos." I
assure you that I am not, but I am concerned about air pollution. I live in
Atlanta, a city with almost no heavy industry but a lot of cars. A LOT of
cars. We have a horrendous air pollution problem. Where does this comes

My observation that we have a horrendous pollution problem is not based on
the scores of studies conducted by many groups from many sides of this
issue (though they certainly exist). My observation is based on flying
small planes around the metro area for the last 12 years and seeing
first-hand the pollution bubble growing bigger and thicker every year. It's
also based on watching many of my friends and colleagues developing worse
and worse allergies and an allergy season growing until it's practically

"Tree huggers get on my nerves in the worst way. Why can't they go out, hug
some trees, and let the rest of us do the things we want to..."

What if the 'other' rest of us want to breathe something approximating
clean air? When does your right to drive an LBC become more important than
my right to breathe air that doesn't send me to the E.R. with a
life-threatening asthma attack? When does my right to breathe good air
supercede your right to pursue happiness in an MG? People who think all
problems are Gordian knots that can be solved at one stroke "get on my
nerves in the worst way."

The bottom line is that pollution is a real problem in many parts of the
nation. How will you, Bill, help solve the problem? If you, with your
concerns, do not participate in the solution, regardless of where you live,
I guarantee that those who _do_ come up with a solution, those "tree
huggers," will not have your best interests at heart. They will come up
with what they see as the most effective solution that costs them the least
effort. Crushing all old cars to cut pollution may seem like a great deal
to them. It's silly, but it's happening in Europe. Solutions will be
enacted. If we think that those involved in formulating them are wacko, or
that those who are legitimately concerned can be written off as
tree-hugging pinkos, then who will the laws favor in the end --
participants or single-issue hobbiests? (as many view us)

If I've offended any conservatives, liberals, ditto-heads, tree-huggers,
republicans, democrats, or libertarians, I truly apologize. After all,
there is never an excuse for being rude.


Jeff Boatright
A confirmed "envirionmentalist wackoo" "Earth First pinko" conservative
liberal who drives his poorly-tuned '65 Sprite all over Georgia AND is
participating in pollution control studies AND has participated in
squelching federal and state mandates that he did not agree with.

You wrote:
>Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 11:37:52 -0400 (EDT)
>From: William Killeffer <>
>Subject: tree huggers
>Tree huggers get on my nerves in the worst way. Why can't they go out, hug
>some trees, and let the rest of us do the things we want to? I plan to own
>many classic cars, but if I'm not allowed to drive them, then where's the
>fun? What's worse is that many of these envirionmentalist wackoo groups
>want to make car ownership of this type illegal because they may pollute a
>little more than newer cars. I just want to say "SO WHAT!!" and lock 'em
>in a non-ventilated garage with a locked and running '59 Cadillac. If
>you're classic car is running right, it will pollute little more than a
>properly tuned modern car. I don't want some statist, Earth First pinko
>telling me I can't drive my MG (obligatory LBC content) because it's
>polluting the air, using up natural resources or any of the other weak
>excuses they use to try and limit individual freedom. Whew. Anyway, just
>keep all this in mind when making donations to any envirionmentalist group
>or when voting for liberal candidates. Look hard for their hidden agendas.
>If I have offended any statist, Earth First envirionmentalist wackoos, I'm
>not sorry!
> -Bill-
>Searchin' for that perfect LBC, that may be illegal to drive after it is
>purchased. (1961-78 Midget or Spitfire)

Jeff Boatright             __o_\__         '65 Sprite Mk III

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