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Re: '80 mgb windshield washer

Subject: Re: '80 mgb windshield washer
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 19:09:13 -0500
> The apparent ground (black) wire from the wind shield wiper / washer switch
> is loose.  I cannot determine where it should attache to swiitch.  The wire
> from the washer feeds up into the stalk.  By the way the wipers work fine.
> The washer also works fine if I jump around the switch.  Would just like to
> get it wired back correctly.
> Can the "knob" on the end of the stalk which you push in to make contackt
> be remove?
> I am able to get switch off steering column with no problem.  Just can't
> see how to take apart without    tearing it up.  Any suggestions would be
> appreciated.

Just turn the little metal cap on the end of the wiper switch arm, it
will unscrew and in side there is a nylon piece that makes up the
contact part of the switch.
Hope this helps...
'72 B Daily Driver

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