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Re: OD 'Engaged' Lamp

To: Terry Williams <>, mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: OD 'Engaged' Lamp
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 15:26:20 -0500
Terry (and other interested parties)-

Simple mod.  The electical connections are:  From the battery(well, 12VDC),
to the in cockpit actuator (depending on year of car may be on the shift
knob, the dash or the stalk), to the lockout switch to the solenoid,
through which the circuit is grounded.  Choose a convenient spot between
the actuator and the solenoid, and tap of a wire in parallel.  Scotchlok
connectors work good here.  Run the new wire to the indicator light, with
the opposite side of the light connected to any convenient ground.  Job

Can't give you a reccomendation on a source for the indicator, sorry.


Chris Delling

At 12:16 PM 10/31/97 -0700, Terry Williams wrote:
>Yikes! Sure is interesting how the written word can inform, and infuriate at
>the same time! Don't quite understand how this thread got bitter...but...
>I've had OD in my GT for quite awhile (had it installed in the late 70s),
>and it's been flawless. Did have a strage 'freewheeling' situation some
>years back, but a good cleaning of the filters, and replacement of the 'o'
>rings banished the problem.
>The biggest OD problem I have is - yes, wait for it - the loose nut behind
>the wheel.
>Can't tell yah how many times I'm coming off the highway in OD 4th, down
>shift to OD 3rd, then down to 2nd - WHOA! welcome to my over-revs!
>I always thought a small indicator light, perchance mounted up there with
>the blue high beam and red alternator lights between the speedo & tach would
>be a good reminder that OD was engaged.
>I seriously thought the thread would lead to an explanation of how to do
>this. (It didn't!)
>My questions therefore are as follows:
>- how would one wire such an indicator/warning light into one's OD circuit?
>- where would one find a jewelled glass lamp (like the hi beam & alt) in
>say, green?
>OD installation preparations begin this weekend! Now, why does the weather
>have to be so nice when I want to disable the car?
>Cheers from a sunny, warm Atlantic coast of Canada
>Terry 'Can't Believe It's 10 Degrees (C) On Oct. 31!" Williams
>'70 GT
>'68 roadster

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