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Re: MGF Anyone?

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Subject: Re: MGF Anyone?
From: David Knowles <>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 17:29:00 -0000
Nory wrote:

>>>>The MGF may be a nicer ride, but it just doesn't seem to have the
appeal as the RV8.  I may be pickier than most people (the former art
student in me), but, to me,  with the "F" they just created another
Jellybean-on-steroids bubble-mobile car that looks so similar to
everything else on the road, and nothing like an MG (similar to what
Ford did to the Mustang, what Pontiac did to the LeMans, etc., etc.);
like it was a effort to do what everyone else is doing, rather than
something innovative.  It may have the sports car ride, but not the
sports car looks.

The RV8 looked more like an MG sports car, and it was dramatically
different than anything currently riding on American roads.  It looks
more streamlined; "sporty" rather than "bubbly".  I bet they would have
sold like hotcakes here had they made them for the American market.

I can't speak for the rest of the American sports-car-buying public, but
there isn't a modern car in this country that I would spend my money on
(hasn't been one since the '89 Probe, which, BTW, Ford changed to
another bubble-car and wrecked another great looking design).  Now,
something that looks like the RV8...... well, I can dream, can't I?

Just my $.02 FWIW


I too like the RV8, but in no way is it the sort of sports car the new
car buyer of today would expect (unless, like most of those reading this
list, he/she happens to be an MG nutcase already). But it is unwise to
criticise the MGF unless you have actually seen one in the flesh.

Maybe, Nory, you have - in which case you will have been able to form a
balanced judgement - but as none have been officially exported (although
they did go over to Death Valley and Canada for testing in extremes of
temperature) I suspect that very few people in North America have
actually seen one.

The MGF is one of those cars where photographs often do not do it
justice - you really have to see it on the road before you can
appreciate its finer points. At first, I too had doubts about the MGF -
and personally, I would have rather seen a more traditional layout (that
is just the OF in me I guess). But when I first saw the MGF in the solid
(at a special pre-launch pre-view, and then soon afterwards at the
Geneva Motor Show) I soon came to like it.

But for any of you who have strongly held views - and have a little
drawing ability (former Art Student Nory? you've nominated yourself!) -
why not check out issue two of MG World, which will have a competition -
to be judged by Gerry McGovern, designer of the MGF - to design the next
MG. I do hope that there will be some entries from your side of the


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