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Re: Engine replacement options (non-MG)?

To: Der schwarze Buccaneer <>,
Subject: Re: Engine replacement options (non-MG)?
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 10:09:37 -0500

One caveat to your assumption.  Make sure you pick a engine that was widely
used.  The popularity of our B's helps to ensure that spares will continue
to be available down the road.  The same may not be the case for some of
the obsolete American iron from vehicles that don't stick around.  You
could put somthing in there that is easily found right now, but that no one
will support 10 years down the road. 

At 06:43 PM 11/10/97 -0600, Der schwarze Buccaneer wrote:
>On 10 Nov 1997, A. B. Bonds wrote:
>> I doubt very seriously that this is true.  Rebuilding a B power plant
>> is no more expensive than rebuilding any other 4-banger, and
>> considerably less than alternatives with more cylinders.  By the time
>> you are done with changes in mounts, driveshafts, suspension, cooling
>> and brakes (required for more powerful units) you will be well beyond
>> the costs of a rebuild.  If you simply want more power, say so.  But
>> be prepared to pay for it.
>       I'm not looking for more power.  I was really wanting a four 
>cylinder replacement, probably 1.8 liter or there abouts.  I wouldn't 
>avoid an option that gives more power, but that's not my goal.  More 
>reliability and easier parts availability is.  By this I mean being able 
>to go down to the local parts store and ask for x item without being told 
>that it's unavailable there or they can special order it for me, but it's 
>going to cost.  I'd like to not have to order parts, rather be able to 
>walk into a parts store and stand a reasonable chance of using an off the 
>shelf item.  I don't have the fortune to live near an MGB supplier, so 
>this isn't currently something I can do.  Moreover, I've seen rebuilt 
>engines (minus the attachments such as carbs) in the neighborhood of 
>$800.  That seems far more reasonable than what I could hope to do a 
>complete rebuild of my engine for, if I'm using Moss as my parts supplier 
>(though I grant that I've not actually added up all the parts to see).  
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