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RE: Miscellaneous MGB Q's

To: List MGB <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: RE: Miscellaneous MGB Q's
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 10:07:00 -0800 (PST)
See the *
Chris Reichle
From: mgs-owner
To: List MGB
Subject: Miscellaneous MGB Q's
Date: Tuesday, November 11, 1997 7:19PM

        I've had a number of miscellaneous questions for quite some time,
with no real source for answers, until now.  In no particular order, here
they are:
        1) Is there some advantage to the aftermarket electronic ignition
kits (and increased voltage coils), such as the Allison, over the stock
mechanical distributor,
*yes, but you are not replacing the distributor just the points or original 
electronic ignition with a high voltage system. Benefits are higher 
performance/fuel efficiencey, reliability, lowered maintenance and easier 
starting. All of which, point people will argue are not true and that points 
are simpler and won't leave you stranded. I would go with the Crane 

        2) is it possible to fit tire sizes other than 165 x 14 on the
original Rostyle rims (other sizes are more widely available),
* yes 185/70 r14 are just a wee bit larger, not enough to throw off your 
speedo by more than a mile or two per hour and put a lot more rubber on the 
road. No clearance problems. I highly recommend the upgrade. Some on the 
list go up to 195/60's but I think the amount of tire roll on the very 
narrow rostyle wheel would negate any handling improvement that the extra 
rubber on the road would add. Best to move to a mini lite for that size.

        3) in simple terms as possible, what does the gulp valve do (and
what happens when it no longer does what it's supposed to do),
I'll pass on this one...
        4) is there any easy and inexpensive way to salvage an old fuel tank 

that has brown varnish-like gunk on the sides that is now plugging the fuel
pump filter (non-original filter naturally),
        [I've come up with a temporary solution that I've been using for
quite some time, though the legality of it is doubtful.  Ever seen fuel
tanks for outboard boat engines....]
*I hope this is a joke... you can clean a tank and seal the inside but it 
might be easier to just replace it. One way to mechanically clean the tank 
would be to remove it, put about a quart size containers worth of pea size 
gravel in the tank and throw it around the yard for a few hours. The 
chemical route involves etching the inside of the tank with a chemical and 
then sloshing around a sealant to seal the interior. If your problem is just 
varnish chips you might be able to clean it out with a hose.
        5) what kind of gas mileage is normal for a standard MGB ('72)
with no modifications, and no overdrive?
*anything above 22 around town up to 38 on a long trip.

        That's all I can recall at the moment, but I'm sure there are
more.  Knowledgeable answers to higly speculative suppositions welcome.

                                                -Scott Allen

        "At dawn we will face the greatest test of our resolve.  But I
say this: though starving, hunger will not weaken us; though diseased,
illness will not cripple us, and though weary, exhaustion will not claim
us.  We can fight knowing that all true Reiklanders will forevermore
honour our valiant gesture of defiance, even though our bodies be left to
feed the beasts of carrion.

        Mind you...we could always surrender."  -Rick Priestly's Siege

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