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Re: MGB Trim

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Subject: Re: MGB Trim
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 12 Nov 1997 15:48:45 -0600
>Soundsmore like a bad bondo job...
> ----------

>Was cleaning up my B the other day and found that on the body panels,
>under the doors, is a uniform stip of no-so-smooth paint.  The strip
>is even and straight, with the paint above it being nice and smooth
>and the paint below it seemingly painted over a slightly rougher
>surface.  The strip is exactly mirrored on both sides of the car,
>which has been repainted a few years hence by the previous owner.
>So, my question is, could my 73 'B have been originally fitted with
>some sort of trim along the bottom of the bodypanels between the
>wheels? ...or is it more likely that someone _else_ had put
>aftermarket trim on there which a later owner had pulled off at paint
>time? ...or?

There is a strip of kind of pebbly paint on all of the 73's I have
seen (my own included) in a belt line below the door.  For this reason
I believe it was intentionally put on at the factory, probably in a
vain effort to forestall the dreaded tinworm.

                        A. B. Bonds

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