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Re: MGA in garage for the winter

To: "Art Pfenninger" <>, <>
Subject: Re: MGA in garage for the winter
From: Larry Macy <>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 97 14:53:32 -0500
On 11/17/97 6:39 AM so and so  Art Pfenninger said. (And I quote)

Sorry - Best deal is Drive It!!!!!!

Larry Macy
78 Midget

>       You gain nothing by letting it run 20 minutes but you do stress
>the engine. The hardest thing on an engine is the first minute or so when
>you crank it over. I know there is all sorts of advice on putting it on
>blocks an moving it around etc., but I would just let it be (not a new
>song thread). If you were going to let it sit for a few years then there
>would be some things you might consider. The only thing I would suggest is
>some gas stabilizer and remove the battery cables.
>On Sun, 16 Nov 1997 wrote:
>> I kind of took my '61 MGA 1600 off the road for the winter.  I live
>> outside of Boston and I won't be driving it, but I have it my garage
>> (everday car has to suffer outside) and I want to work on it over the
>> winter.
>> What should I do so that it doesn't suffer.  I.e., run it for twenty or
>> so minutes periodically?  Move it back and forth a few feet?
>> Thanks, Bob Gaughan

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