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New Baby Home

To: mg list <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: New Baby Home
From: Rick Huber <>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 07:33:43 -0500
Hi group,

Well, Andrew (my 16 year old), successfully towed our new baby home last
night - an engineless, essentially rust free, orange / red, slight bonnet
damage, 75 MG - that we intend to convert into a stealth V8 - black, tan
leather interior.  It looks great parke in the car port in front of Maggie,
my BRG 68 daily driver, and my wife thinks it's great.  At this point in
the project the enthusiasm and optimism are high !

Hopefully I won't bomb the list with too many FAQs - if there's a source
let me know.

1.  How can I get in touch with Dick Burger of the British Parts Connection

2.  We'll be buying a ton of parts of course - can anyone recommend a place
to get good parts with good service with a significant discount over Moss /
Vicky Brit ?  I'm using the free shipping discount with AMGBA membership
now with Moss.

3.  I've got the DIY Guide for Restoration.  I'm thinking of stopping short
of full restoration to just make a very nice daily driver.  Preparing the
body for paint, how much should I dissassemble ? Bumpers / windshield /
external fittings / interior / door mechanicals ?  How much should I paint
?  Engine bay (do I take everything out to paint in there ?), inside doors,
inside boot, interior ?

4.  In the DIY book, it looks like the Waxoyl step is after painting ?  Is
that right or should it be before painting ?

5.  Ah, then the painting.  I guess I'll start calling around.  Are shops
used to having a rolling body shell delivered for painting, and then having
it picked up.  Will they give me an accurate estimate when I'm doing all
the reassembly and assembly.  Do they normally paint the inside of the car
too.  And then of course, what kind of paint, how many coats, etc.  I'll
have to get to all that too.

6.  Anybody know what the American name is for white spirit - the solvent
for many things ?

I've already got leads on a TR8 engine and transmission.  I suppose that's
the best way to go - just put a  TR8 drive train in the car and avoid all
the matching this and that with different systems.

Man this is fun !!  Our goal is to have it ready to drive next summer. 
I'll keep you posted.  Thanks in anticipation for the help.

Safety Fast - er in a V8,

Rick Huber
10313 Hillsbury Drive
Baton Rouge, La 70809

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