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Re: J.C. Whitney

To: Benjamin Ruset <>,
Subject: Re: J.C. Whitney
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 22:55:57 -0500
A popular perception Ben, and historically correct.  Still is a lot of crap
in this catalog too.  They have buffed up their image a bit in recent
years, however.  They now carry a significant number of name brands.  And
not all of their non-name brad stuff is that bad either.  Case in point:  I
purchased some static three-point belts for the B from them.  They are the
exact same part offered by Moss (manufacturer, model number, etc.)  The
difference - about $20 per belt, or roughly 40%.  My additude is to never
overlook any potential parts source, just to be selective!

Now if I could only get those blue and pink furry dice, and the neon lights
to go under my ground effects . . .


Chris Delling
77 MGB

At 11:21 AM 11/28/97 -0500, Benjamin Ruset wrote:
>>Just received a JC Catalogue in the mail yesterday.  Call them at (312)
>Is it me, or does JC Whitney seem to be filled with mostly Tiawaneese
>plastic junk, devoted mostly to American cars and trucks?
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