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RE: why MG?

To: Phil Vanner <>,
Subject: RE: why MG?
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 1997 23:44:19 -0500
Thank you Phil.  Although the origianl posting was about somthing else
altogether, you have managed to put into words much of what is "right"
about MG's.  In truth, my first LBC love was a Spitfire, and believe me
that the romance of the Battle of Britain was very influential.  I have a
framed picture of a Supermarine Spitifire in my office (along with the
North American P-51, and the General Dynamics F-16).  Had my physique been
more (or is it less?) of what it was in high school, I would probably have
a Spitfire again.  Since is isn't, I looked elsewhere for my LBC thrills,
and ended up with the B.  Now that I'm a MG owner, I wouldn't go back, but
I sure remember those heady days of my teenage life in that Spit.

At 04:48 PM 12/2/97 -0600, Phil Vanner wrote:
>Why an MG? Because I always wanted one, and it's one of those rare things
where the having lives up to the wanting.
>I wanted an MG because nothing else would do. It's not about the 'safe' or
'practical' thing to do, it's about dreams. It has something to do with an
image I had of the heroes of the Battle of Britain; I always pictured MG
Midgets parked by their airfields. It is about green hedges and country
roads; an escape from everyday reality to a romantic unreality that never
existed anywhere else outside of my heart. It's because everything looks
better through the windscreen.  
>It's for  the quick, light steering, and the simplicity.  It's because of
the sudden elation I feel after taking a corner a little too fast and
getting away with it .  It's because I like the way my face hurts from
grinning after a spirited drive, and because I like the satisfaction that
comes from knowing that I keep it running myself. 
>It's kind of like, if you ask a New Yorker why they would put up with that
impossible city; because it's worth it, because it's like nothing else.  If
you have to ask...
>It's a common man's "something special" in an otherwise ordinary world. 
>Phil Vanner
>'61 Midget ($2300 and usually in the passing lane)     

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