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Re: MGB Seat Diaphragm

To: Nina Barton <>
Subject: Re: MGB Seat Diaphragm
From: Robert Allen <>
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 15:50:54 -0600
Hi Nina:

Been there. There are some pliers made for re-attaching the brake
springs when doing drum brakes (American cars). I found that tool made
attaching the 'C' clips for the one-peice seat diaphram pretty easy.

Bob Allen, Kansas City

Nina Barton wrote:
> Since I can't afford new upholstery right now and am tired of sitting on
> the floor of my MGBGT, I decided to try and replace just the seat diaphragm
> (the black rubber model).  Anyone have any good ideas on how to stretch the
> rubber to fit (thought about heating, but have several of the hooks
> attached already and don't want to put the whole seat in the oven), or ways
> to make the rubber more pliable?  Or do I simply need to clone myself to
> get the job done?  Thanks in advance.   Nina

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