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Re: Body and Paint

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Subject: Re: Body and Paint
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 05 Dec 1997 12:44:09 -0600
In <>, Bob MGT wrote:
>In a message dated 97-12-05 03:50:28 EST, you write:
>>   Don't be afraid to use filler. To me making a
>>  "filler free car" is like rebuilding a carb using
>>  only your mouth. It's a parlour trick, making things
>>  tougher for a silly reason.
>>    Filler has a bad name because people gob POUNDS
>>  of it on to fill dents and cover rust. Used properly
>>  for smoothing and light filling, it's a wonderful
>>  substance and lasts well.
>I agree, I've heard from several professionals that
>"Bondo" is better than lead ever was. It's the
>teenagers trying to build whole cars out of the 
>stuff that gives it a bad name.
About three weeks ago I attended a 2-day seminar on bodywork
techniques conducted by Mick Lewis of Missisauga, ONT.  He began
working for H.J. Mulliner in 1956, also worked for Cobra and Rolls
Royce, runs his own shop now.  He convinced me of the wisdom of doing
bodywork correctly.  It doesn't take that much longer, and it yields a
panel that is as good as new.

He never uses plastic.  He uses skill.

                        A. B. Bonds

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