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Heads Off, Now what?

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Heads Off, Now what?
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 16:36:29 -0500
Thanks to all who responded to my post on removing my cylinder head.  I
ended up pulling out the studs, as they are going to be replaced anyway,
and my battery is flat from non-use over the past month, so spinning the
motor would be difficult, and I didn't comprehend the rope trick.

Anyhoo, now I will be trundling the head off the machine shop to be
re-built.  After they strip, sandblast, and hot tank, and crack checked, I
will order the required pieces parts that the machine shop requires.  In
the interim, my engine is open to the air, and in a unheated garage in
Michigan in December, corrosion is a concern.  Anyone have any ideas about
somthing that can be sprayed or painted onto the bare metal to prevent this?


Chris Delling

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