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Re: Party online!!! (Was: clubs)

To: Mike Lishego <>, Rick Feibusch <>
Subject: Re: Party online!!! (Was: clubs)
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 20:45:20 -0500
O.K. Mike-

Sorta like AA, I will be the first to stand up and say " I'm a computer
klutz (not a computer geek!).  Don't know what an IRC is, let alone an IRD.
 Never have "chatted" on line with my MGB bretheren,(although Trevor Boice
probably want's to flame me a new asshole right about now - sorry Trevor,
I'm guess I've got PMS [ it works for my wife!]).

So, for all of us klutz's out there, what is an IRC.  What do I need to do
to get "online" to wish you geeks a Merry Christmas "real time"?  Can IBM
PC people participate, or is this solely limited to those who want ther
computers to be named after a type of apple?



At 10:12 PM 12/16/97 -0800, Mike Lishego wrote:
>Rick Feibusch wrote:
>> Listers-
>> Interesting ideas on the winding down of the club portion of our hobby.
>> Clubs are changing and the people who want to participate are a different
>> breed as well. I have formed, led, resurrected, and closed a number of
>> clubs in my day. Things are just different today.
>That's right, things are different...Most people would rather sit around
than go out 
>and have a meeting in somebody's garage.  So...Why don't you join us on
mIRC channel 
>#MG on Monday, Dec. 22 at 7:30?  We'll be having an MG List Christmas
Party, where 
>you'll get to chat with your favorite list personalities!  BYOB, food,
chairs, etc.  
>It should be a great time, with topics ranging from Austins to Zappa, so
come join us! 
>(Sorry to cannibalize your post Rick, but it seemed like a good title -
and we're 
>keeping the club spirit alive, even if electronically!)
>Michael S. Lishego - Loyal MGB owner and online party guy!
>St. Andrews Presbyterian College
>Elementary Education Major,
>English Minor, Class of 1999
>R.A. of Winston-Salem Hall

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