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Subject: Re: Distributor
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 14:36:00 -0800 (PST)
Where did you get the idea that you need two coils to take advantage of a 
mallory dual point distributor or that you could even hook this up if you so 
desired? The purpose of the dual points it to increase reliability and 
accuracy of spark timing not to use two coils. With electronic ign. you 
don't have to worry about burning the points so you can go for the higher 
output coil and larger spark gap to produce a fatter spark which will ignite 
the fuel more reliably providing easier starts, better fuel economy and 
possibly a bit more power depending on how you set it up. I am the master of 
the runon sentence...

Chris Reichle


I would agree with you wholeheartedly - in order to benefit from the dual
points in a Mallory, you would have to have two coils, which would be 
for a street driven MG. A stock ignition system, in good condition, is more
than adequate for street use. Stepping up to a sport coil might be of 
is you regularly drive your car at high rpm.

The real advantage of an electronic ignition system and the sport coil for
normal street use is in the reduction of required maintainence and tune ups.
The higher output of the sport coil will let you go longer between replacing
plugs, and the electronic system might not require adjustment again as long 
you own the car. The electronic system is also much more tolerant of wear 
slop in the distributor than conventional points.

Dan Masters,
Alcoa, TN

'71 TR6---------3000mile/year driver, fully restored
'71 TR6---------undergoing full restoration and Ford 5.0 V8 insertion - see:
'74 MGBGT---3000mile/year driver, original condition
'68 MGBGT---organ donor for the '74

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