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Re: It Runs.. well, almost!

To: Benjamin Ruset <>, mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: It Runs.. well, almost!
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 22:35:46 -0500
Rest assured Ben - your car has shocks, at least in the front.  Since they
form the upper A-arm on the B suspension, your car could not roll, steer,
or even stand on  it's own wheels without the fronts.  

The B has lever shocks.  Very different from modern American (or any other
for that matter) cars tubular shocks.  There are a variety of kits
available to replace them with more modern tube shock, but for the time
being concentrate on getting the car running and driving before you think
about that.


Chris Delling
At 07:02 PM 12/27/97 -0500, Benjamin Ruset wrote:
>As you can guess by the title, the car ran for the first time with me as an
>owner today!
>The almost part --
>The aftermarket Weber carb needs to be rebuilt. It won't really run at all
>w/o help from starter fluid.
>It was as I thought. The body of the ignition module itself needed to be
>grounded for spark to happen. As it turned out when I replaced the module,
>I failed to mount it back to the body of the car. Today I just mounted the
>box and screwed the coil in above it. We got a really, really nice spark
>out of the thing when we cranked it over. Of course, the plugs (early 80's
>vintage NGK's) needed to be cleaned, and the gas tank needs to be drained
>and cleaned (we had RED gas!)
>Oil pressure was right on the money, from what I believe. Around 75-80psi
>when I started the car up. Not bad! I love how the tach waits a few seconds
>before moving from 0 as well! =)
>We (my mechanic and I) also put it up on the lift. Found some pretty
>interesting things:
>Almost no rust on the underside of the car. My mechanic was amazed because
>my car was in better shape than the other MG on the lot, and it's owner
>paid twice what I paid for it! (Thanks, David!)
>We also found NO shock absorbers. I'm not sure if the car had them or not.
>Right now, there are four axel straps on the car (one of which need to be
>I also need two rear wheel cylinders. 
>Oh... and a nice straight pipe exhaust! (Out of which came a pile of red
>debris when we started the car!) Can you say, "No way in hell this will
>pass emissions?" =)
>That's about it! Man oh man am I excited. I'm going to be hunting Moss for
>the weber rebuild kit now. (Anyone know of any other place for em besides
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