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Re: Am I crazy?: Soon to be new B owner

To: David Altman <>, mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: Am I crazy?: Soon to be new B owner
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 16:33:47 -0500

Sounds like a great way to get started to me.  I happen to have a 77B, and
love it.  When I bought my car, it was in much worse shape than you
describe, and cost me a helluva lot more.

As for books, beyond a Haynes or Bentley manual (these are the nuts and
bolts books) I would highly recommend "MGB:
Preparation/Restoration/Maintenance" as an excellent choice.

I never worked on cars before buyin my B and have done everything myself
except welding and paint, which was too cost prohibitive for equipment,
given the fact thay I am not planning to restore a lot of cars in the
future.  I have done everything else, however, and have taught myself by
using information found in books, on this list, and from anyone else
willing to talk.

It's fun, and I recommend it highly.


Chris Delling

At 12:11 PM 12/30/97 -0700, David Altman wrote:
>Hello all-
>       I've been lurking around here for the last few weeks, trying to
>increase my MGB knowledge from zero.    Next Friday I'm going to drive
>from Salt Lake to Kansas City to buy my friends brother's 1977 B.  I'm
>actually taking my friends Harley to his brother and he is giving me the
>B for $125 bucks to cover his back taxes.  So basically its costing me
>the 125 plus another 125 to rent a tow dolly plus gas for my new
>       I've gotten a buch of pictures and the car looks a pretty good
>shape considering this guy hasn't done anything to it.  The only real
>rust is some cosmetic rust on the passeger side in front of the trunck.
>He says the floor boards and rocker panels etc. are rust free.   The car
>runs but goes through plugs in a manner of hours.  Looks like it will be
>in need of a engine overhaul.   Top needs replacing, but the interior
>looks in pretty good shape.    I know I'll sink some initial cash
>overhauling the engine and buying a new top, just to get it road worthy.
>       So how insane am I sounding?   I know nothing about car
>restoration and plan on learning and doing as much on my own as I can.
>I figure for 250 bucks and a weekend of driving I can have a great first
>project car.    For some reason I've been pondering about getting a B to
>restore for a couple of years and mentioned it to my friend one day,
>which is how I found out his brother had the car.  Karma?  
>       You guys have mentioned a bunch of books in your dialogues.
>Which 2 would you recomned as I start this adventure?      Any initial
>thoughts before I pull the engine out?
>       Looking forward to becoming a B owner.  (If I make the drive
>back with the B sailing behind my Ford Ranger!)
>David Altman
>David J. Altman        Novations Group Inc.
>801-3757525    Fax 801-375-7595              "Nothing Profound at the

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