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To: T A TERRY <>,,
Subject: Re: MOWOG
From: Leckstein <>
Date: Sat, 03 Jan 1998 00:11:47 -0500
At 11:06 AM 1/2/98 EST, T A TERRY wrote:
>In a message dated 98-01-02 10:08:20 EST, writes:
><< MOWOG stands for MOrris WOsely Group >>
>This is a highly inFLAM(E)mable statement!  This list thrashed this
subject to
>death a few years ago and if any of the new comers would like to read the
>thread, email me privately and I will forward you the file I accumulated on
>The conclusion, supported by statements of some notables who worked at the
>factory is that MOGWOG stands for MOrris WOseley mG.  This however cannot be
>supported, to date, by any documentation that dates from the mid '30's when
>the acronym originated.
>Terry (Leader of the Group theory)
>(you're welcome Mike!!  ;-)

Didn't I get a concession from you after Twist joined the fray? Check your

Mike,( leader of the mG fact )

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