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Re: Mobil posters

Subject: Re: Mobil posters
From: (Nory)
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 00:25:00 -0500
I'm guessing they're not "officially" saying it's an MGA (the MG emblem
is missing), probably because they'd have to pay Rover a pile of money
to use the name, but there's no doubt that's what it is.  Tell them
you're looking for the Mobil Speedpass Seasons Greetings poster, with
the teddy bear in a top hat riding in a green car.  They probably have
no idea what an MGA is.  So far, I've only found one station that had
them, and they did not know that it was any kind of car and just thought
somebody invented it for the poster.

BTW, Phil?  Can I use that poster as my entry in the Design an MG
contest?  The use of this car in advertising, almost 40 years after it
stopped production, just shows what a timeless design MG had!

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