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RE: Long distance towing...

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: RE: Long distance towing...
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 23:06:13 -0600
Me too, from Tacoma, WA. to Dallas, TX. and back. Absolutely no
problems, the car is still on the road as a daily driver 7 yrs later
w/the same transmission...
same method as Ray, on all fours with an A-frame tow bar.  Another
caution, make sure the key is in the first on position, so that nothing
electrical is on, and the steering wheel won't lock.  The wheel has to
be able to turn so that the car will follow through a turn...

'72 B Daily Driver

> >Guys,
> >I have, over the years, flat towed cars from coast to coast; I think
> that a
> >little caution/reality check is in order.
> >You really don't have to pull the driveshaft, or jack up the
> front/rear of
> >the car to tow it.  Take it out of gear, make sure the handbrake is
> off,
> >and away you go.  If you are towing a car with a manual trans, the
> wear is
> >the same as if you were driving your car. With a simple A frame tow
> bar,
> >your car will follow you wherever you go (unlike many airline wives).
> >The longest flat tow that I have made was just under 2000 miles, when
> I was
> >forced to flat tow due to an accident with my trailer.
> >Now for the caution:  Be sure that the vehicle towed has lights that
> work
> >in conjunction with the tow vehicle, and make sure that the tow
> vehicle has
> >enough power AND brakes strong enough to do the job.  Make sure that
> the
> >tow bar is SECURELY fixed to the towed vehicle (there is nothing
> quite as
> >surprising as being passed by your own car without anyone at the
> wheel).
> >Use safety chains: They are cheap insurance!
> >If the car that you are towing is a piece of c.....   that is to say,
> >mechanically challenged, rent a trailer;  this will prevent
> tragi-comic
> >scenes along the highway.
> >
> >Regards,
> >Ray
> >
> >PS...One last thing.....again, make sure that the handbrake is
> >OFF....that's a whole 'nother story.
> >

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