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Re: It keeps quiting :\ Help

To: Blake Wylie <>, mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: It keeps quiting :\ Help
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 19:05:59 -0600
Sounds like gunk still in the bowls to me.  Bottom line, your fuel flow is not
high enough to keep up with the demands of the car.  It dies, builds up enough
fuel, uses it, dies again.  I have experienced this first hand, not fun, but at
least you can be sure it will get you home in short lengths at a time.  Keep it
simple at first, check for kinked/bent fuel lines etc. then move on to the other
things.  I can tell you that it is probably not the fuel pump being
intermittent.  99% of the time fuel pumps either work or they don't.
Hope this helps,
'72 B Daily Driver

Blake Wylie wrote:

> I took it out on the road today for the first time after I put the gas tank
> on it.  (oh...and a can of stop leak stopped the radiator leak...temporarily
> anyway).  It sounded really good going down the road, and had plenty of
> power.  Then it dejavu all over.  It just chugged down and
> quit on me.  I pulled over, started it back up, and went along my way on the
> test run.  About 15 minutes later, it did it again, and I pulled over, but
> it barely kept running, but would just about out when I put any gas to
> it...I then cut the engine, and started it back up, and it ran fine.  Then
> maybe 5 minutes later, it did it again, but I was able to keep rolling and
> crank it back up.  After that I drove it home, and didn't have any more
> trouble (about 10 minutes later).
> Sooo...I've put on a new gas tank and put an inline fuel filter in.  What
> could be my trouble here?  Could it be some gunk left in the carb float
> bowls?  What else might it be?  Could it be *ga$p* my fuel pump cutting out
> on me for a split second?  Any and all help much appreciated.  :)
> Heck...the biggest thing that is bothering me is that the weather isn't good
> enough to have the top down!  ;)
> Thanks,
> Blake Wylie
> 70 MGB

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