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Re: Petrol (or should that be gas?)

To: Phil Raby <>, "MG digest submit" <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: Re: Petrol (or should that be gas?)
From: Jurgen Hartwig <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 15:34:14 -0500
At 07:37 PM 1/16/98 -0000, Phil Raby wrote:

>Leaded petrol (Gasoline to Yanks) =AD which some older MGs require - is=
 being phased out in the UK in 2000. This will have a serious effect on=
 classic car owners.


>I know that the USA did this some years ago, how are people managing?

Hardened valve guides.  Mainly changes to the valve train, as this is the=
 main effect, besides the obvious loss of ping-retarding characteristics=
 from leaded fuel.  I think the exhaust valves are also a different compound=
 than standard.  I've heard one way of getting around rebuilding the head,=
 is simply using Marvel Mystery Oil, or other applicable light oil.  This=
 will protect the valve train.

>Also, what type of petrol is available in the US now? In England we have=
 Four Star (98 Octane leaded), Super Unleaded (98 octane) and Unleaded (95=
 Octane). Super Unleaded is required for some performance cars but is not=
 readily available anymore because of scares about its benzine content.


Gasoline in the southeastern US is available in 87, 89, and either 92 or 91=
 octane ratings, but I'm not sure if these numbers are valid for comparison=
 with Euro octane numbers.  I think we may use RON + ???/2.  Basically an=
 average of the two standards, while you guys use only one rating.  Could=
 someone on the list enlighten further?

I am not certain about the benzene concentration in your Super Unleaded, but=
 realistically, I would not worry too much.  In some of my OSHA(safety and=
 health regulatory agency here in US) 40-hour training for environmental=
 workers, I remember getting an instrument out and sticking this into the=
 gas tank of my MGB.  It basically pegged the meter as far as benzene is=
 concerned.  The concentration of benzene, while quite high, isn't enough to=
 cause problems, unless you are a gas station attendant and are exposed to=
 fumes for lengthy times(years).

I would imagine the biggest impact to your country might be the expense of=
 using gasoline with more additives to raise octane.  I imagine this gas=
 would be more expensive.

But then I look at the 92 octane premium gas here in Atlanta, GA for=
 $1.13/gallon, and I wonder how cheap it really is to make. =20

I think the main reason for cheap gas here is the fact that Atlantans=
 combined put over 1,000,000 miles(1.6 Million km) on the roads each day. =
 More than any other city in America and possibly the world.  Pathetic!



Jurgen Hartwig, Civil Engineering, Georgia Tech

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