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Re: Mallory (Sean B.?)

To: Skip Kelsey <>
Subject: Re: Mallory (Sean B.?)
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 22:30:46 -0600
To add to this:  I got one and put the uni-lite kit in it.  The uni-lite is
Mallory's optical trigger system.  This way I got a new distributor, and no
points.  Oh yeah it looks good too.  I am sure Sean can tell something about it,
the uni-lite conversion was popular for VW's too...

Skip Kelsey wrote:

> Bill:
> I know of several people that dont share your opinion on this subject.
> I for one, have had very good luck with Mallorys. I have three cars with
> these installed. One has been in for thirty seven years. But then everyone
> is entitled to an opinion.
> Cheers:
> Skip...........http://shadetreemotors.comAt 05:40 PM 1/28/98 EST, WSpohn4
> wrote:
> ><<Anyone care to elaborate on what needs to be done to the Mallory dual
> >points distributor to install it in one's B?  Something about drilling
> >a hole in the shaft?  Can this bit be farmed out to a machining shop or
> >garage for the workshop impared?>>
> >
> >We have tried these on the race cars and found them to be a waste of time,
> and
> >certainly no better than a stock distributor in good shape. They improve the
> >vendor's bottm line more than they improve your performance. At least one set
> >of points doesn't open at any given time and they can give certain type of
> >tach the fits.
> >I'm not really sure why anyone wants them, unless they believe the
> advertising
> >hype.
> >If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
> >And yes, the stock drive must be pinned to the shaft, and you _must_ use a V
> >block and drill press to drill it accurately.
> >
> >Bill S.
> >
> >

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