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Re: GT Windscreen

To: Bill Schooler <>
Subject: Re: GT Windscreen
From: Paul Hunt <>
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998 20:07:55 +0000
Bill Schooler wrote:
> Paul Hunt put up an excellent message on this subject, some time ago.
> Managed to find it in my files, and with acknowledgement to Paul, am
> quoting it here.

Glad someone posted a copy of this, Bill, as I lost all my mail a while 
back and thought I was going to have to recreate it from memory.  Since I 
wrote it I had to have the screen replaced again due to scumbags, and this 
time it involved new rubber and trim.  The fitter groaned when he saw he 
needed a new rubber because as well as the cavity for the trim being 
deeper in the old rubber, the old rubber is also harder and slippier making 
it easy to slide the trim in.  As it was he had to lift the rubber over the 
edges of the trim for practically its whole length, taking about three 
times longer than before.


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