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Weak Spark/No start

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Weak Spark/No start
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 18:19:01 -0500
I completed some work on the B motor this winter, including replacement of
the pistons and camshaft.

I attempted to start it today, with no sucess.  Even tried starter fluid.
Checking the spark, I noticed that it was very weak.  The battery was flat,
and I beleive that it might be shot, because it does not seem to be holding
a charge.  After charging there was enough power to spin the starter,
albeit with the weak spark.  

I was always under the impression that any spark was enough to fire a motor
on starting fluid.  Am I wrong here?  Obviously I want to solve the
problem, and get the sucker running with minimal use of the starter, as the
cam hasn't been bedded in yet.

I believe that my timing is pretty close - with electronic ignition I can't
statically check the timing, so I need to do it dynamically.  It tried to
fire a couple of times early on, so I believe that the spark is getting
weak as the battery went flat.

Any input is welcome.


Chris Delling

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