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Re: MGF ride

To: Kelvin Fagan <>, mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: MGF ride
From: Chris Nevard <>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 01:50:42 -0800 (PST)
I can vouch for kelvin's MG Maestro....He took me for a spin down to
the UK start of the Classic Monte Carlo Challenge start down at
Brooklands yesterday...I can say it really shifts.....nothing like an
ordinary Austin Maestro

Chris Nevard

---Kelvin Fagan <> wrote:
> Looks like the line for a test drive for the MGF is getting longer!!
> But the MGF is not the only MG you, the Americans, missed out on!!
> Yes I am talking about the post Abingdon MG's the:
> MG Metro, MG Maestro, & MG Montego with all three having a Turbo
> I have already given several US MG owners a ride in my own MG Maestro,
> sadly they never had chance to drive it, but the response from my
> was favorable. (ask Paul Kile) Though I hope he forgets to mention the
> trouble we had with a wet distributor...(shoot! the secrets out!!)
> I wonder whether the MG Metro, MG Maestro, & MG Montego could be
> in MG Worlds proposed test drive feature. For those of you that have
> already put your hands up to test drive an MGF, would you also be
> to try the,
> now not so 'modern' FWD MG's... MG Metro, MG Maestro, & MG Montego ???
> Kelvin Fagan
> Prvious owner of MG Moteogo Turbo (86) Destroyed By Car Thieves
> Now owner of MG Maestro 2.0 EFi (89) 98000+ miles

Chris Nevard

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