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RE: NON-LBC - Opel GT Question

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Subject: RE: NON-LBC - Opel GT Question
From: "Nunez, Eduardo" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 15:45:08 -0500
I remember them!  Looked like a miniature Corvette to me, but with more
curves.  A friend had one, back around '79-82.   His was pretty
unreliable, but fun to drive when it ran.  I think it had around a 2
litter engine, Zenith(?) carburator, steel body, 4 speed, leather
interior, German made.  Hide-away headlamps are cable operated, a real
fun (NOT!) job to adjust and get working in sync.  Interior seemed
pretty compact, and neither my friend or myself is over 5'10".  He tried
to autocross it a couple of times but never did well, even in the hands
of some other more skilled drivers.  Gave up when the reliability
problems got worse.  Still sitting in his parents back yard in Texas (I
think?).  I've seen people stuff big V-8's in them but I surely do not
know how - the engine bay is very cramped, even for the 4 banger in it.,
especially in a the vertical direction.  But a pretty cool looking car
none the less.  They're pretty rare now.

Ed Nunez

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>Thought I would troll for some answers from the list - seems like there are a
>lot of people on the list who have experience with other than LBC's.
>Saw a very attractive Opel GT for sale this ayem.  Don't know nuttin bout dem
>little furrin cars, but thought y'all might.
>I have always liked the looks of these cars, sort of a 2/3 scale Ferrari or
>somthing.  Are they decent cars?  Can a 6' 4" driver sit in one a see out
>(unlike my MGB with the top up BTW).  I've never seen one at any local SCCA
>or Vintage race events - does this mean that the cars doesn't live up to it's
>sporting pretentions (kinda like a vintage version of the Mercury Capri
>ragtop of the early 90's?)
>Any opinions, rumor speculation or experience her?
>Chris Delling

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