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RE: Thought I'd pass this on: FS: Factory BGT V8

To: "'Mike Lishego'" <>,
Subject: RE: Thought I'd pass this on: FS: Factory BGT V8
From: "Nunez, Eduardo" <>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 08:36:01 -0500
Boy if I still lived in Spartanburg I'd RUN over there and get it!   I
hope somebody gives it a good home.

Ed Nunez

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>Subject:       Thought I'd pass this on: FS: Factory BGT V8
>       I checked this car out personally yesterday - trust me, if I had the 
>I would buy it.  The car is in very good shape body-wise, though the
>interior needs replacing.  He doesn't know it's one of the very few factory
>MGB GT V8's in the USA, and it shows.  Nice BRG paint, the engine has
>90,000 miles on it (But EVERYTHING'S THERE!), and he put some crappy
>American Racing wheels on it.  It's not located too far from here, the
>thing is gorgeous, and they only want $1,000 for it - the guy doesn't know
>what he's got.  He doesn't drive it too often, since he doesn't like the
>RHD, and he's a first-rate redneck (See American Racing wheels).  Anyway,
>the car's a nice chrome bumpered '74 B GT.  The guy's name is Phil, and his
>number is (910) 277-5056.  Let me know if anybody wants to stop in to see
>it, I'd like to meet some of you guys.  I have no financial interest in the
>car, nor the $1,000 to get this 'furrin' car from this good ole boy.  The
>car is located in south-central North Carolina, in Maxton.
>Michael S. Lishego

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