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Re: Lucas Fuses

To: Ronald Olds <>
Subject: Re: Lucas Fuses
From: Paul Hunt <>
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 10:10:11 +0000
Ronald Olds wrote:
> I have a question regarding Lucas fuses in an article in the latest MG
> magazine (No. 68 page 25). It stated that a Lucas 35 amp fuse is designed
> to blow at 17 amps. An American type 35 amp would blow at 35 amps. Can
> anyone explain to me why a Lucas fuse wold blow at 17 amps?  Is this just a
> typical example of  fine Lucas technology?
> Ron Olds

Just to be absolutely clear (as if).  My workshop manuals state that the fuse 
should be fitted with 17 amp current rated, 35 amp blow rated fuses.  It would 
unwise to fit a 35 amp current rated fuse.

If the above magazine stated what you say it stated then it got it the wrong 


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