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Re: master cylinder rebuild?

To: "MG List" <Mgs@Autox.Team.Net>,
Subject: Re: master cylinder rebuild?
From: "Mike Lishego" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 11:52:14 -0400
        Advance seems to be a chain store based on the east coast.  There's one
here in NC where I go to college and one in PA where I live.  I seem to
remember hearing from someone that they are not in Michigan either. 
Anyway, you might want to check the web for their site, but I didn't see
one when I skimmed.  I'll try to get more info for you guys if you're
interested.  Oh yeah, their master cylinders are rebuilt lifetime warranty
suckers for almost any make and model, price varies on application, I am
not affiliated with Advance, just a satisfied customer...

"Take time to smell the roadsters."
Michael S. Lishego

> Mike:
> On Tuesday, 14 April 1998 at 23:21, you wrote:
> >Don't forget that Advance Auto sells lifetime warranty rebuilt master
> >cylinders for any year 'B...One for my '74 cost me about $40...
> I am not familiar with Advance Auto -- is it a chain store (such as NAPA,
> Parts America, Kragens/Schucks/AutoWorks) or a mail order place?  If they
> are a chain store, can you tell me where they are mainly located (heck,
> if that's the price on a life-timer, I'll order one from them and have it
> sent to me)?  Don't suppose you'd know if they also offer life-time
> master cylinders for Midgets?

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