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RE: Left hand drive

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Subject: RE: Left hand drive
From: "EPMD- van syckel, John" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 14:56:00 +0200
I don't think there is a reason why some countries drive on the left and
other countries drive on the right. One has to be on the same side of the
road to prevent collisions.  I think someone just decided that this is side
we will drive on.  Hell, I don't know.  I do know that in the military, that
the subordinate walks to the left of the superior, so that the subordinate
can draw his sword (from left to right) and have the sword in a position to
defend the superior.  Does this have any bearing on which side we drive on?
Haven't a clue.


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> Subject:      Re: Left hand drive
> charlie schellinck wrote:
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> > Today in english My teacher brought up an intersting point. Why do 
> > the Brits drive on ther wrong side of the road? 
> Ahem, you meant "the Brits and others" and I think you meant to say the
> "other side of the road to some of us". I would hate to think that you
> were claiming an exclusivity on correctness here :)  In fact I had
> always wondered why Americans drove on the "other" side of the road - is
> there an equally interesting answer to that.
> Now, what I was really meaning to write was a THANK YOU for the
> enthusiastic and warm welcome to the list and for the many on and
> off-list answers to my question about "essential" reference material for
> my little yellow car.
> My only problem now is that I am building up such a huge mass of your
> mail for future reference for when I get down and dirty with my beast
> that I am going to need a new hard disk on my computer.  So, when is
> someone going to publish the ultimate people's reference - the best of
> tips and hints?
> Eric
> '68 MkII MGB

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