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Re: Any thoughts on the "Colortune" tool?

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Subject: Re: Any thoughts on the "Colortune" tool?
From: Eric Zambori <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 07:26:34 -0700
I have two.  I install them in cylinders 1 & 4 or in 2 & 3 when I
balance my carbs so I can see how both carbs are set at the same time. 
I've used them to tune both motorcycles and cars.  When used along with
an air flow meter like a Uni-Syn, you can do a complete balancing and
tuning job without any guess work.

Eric Zambori

Andrew B. Lundgren wrote:
> I have seen the colortune advertised in VB.  I am curious if anyone has 
>bought one of these and if so;
> what they think of it?  From the description it sounds like a great way to 
>set the carbs, but may be it
> sounds better than it is...
> Anyone have any experience with it or a tool like it?
> Thanks.
> Andrew Lundgren

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