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Re: Sunroofs

To: Phil Raby <>
Subject: Re: Sunroofs
From: Graham McCann <>
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 09:00:23 +1000
At 10:15 am 11/05/98 +0100, Phil Raby wrote:
>The only sunroof for a B has to be a proper 'cloth' one. And, no, they 
>don't leak if they're in good condition.
>If you're brave, you can fit your own sunroof. I've done it using an 
>electric jigsaw fitted with a hacksaw blade. Just make sure you at least 
>double-check the measurements befroe you start cutting!!

You are right, Philip, they don't leak, although I am at a loss to know
why.  I assume they use the boundary layer principle of an aircraft wing to
send water over the roof rather than into the cabin through the gaps at the
front and side of the sunroof.  
Actually if you direct a hose at a folding sunroof from the side they leak
like a seive, because that is not the direction rain will come.

The most popular error made in advertisements for GTs is to talk about a
'factory fitted sunroof' as none was fitted prior to delivery to a dealer.

The MG Owners Club, UK, sells the Britax model as a new item, although it
has a somewhat cumbersome wind deflector when compared with the redoubtable
Webasto design.  

I have had two GTs with folding sunroofs, only because I could not get cars
without them.  I think they were fitted in the UK to take advantage of the
5 minutes of sun each summer.  I would personally prefer the protection of
a strong roof and enjoy the sun by more conventional means.


97 MGF

Graham McCann  Rivett, ACT. Australia
Phone/Fax: +61 2 62889055

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