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RE: Oil Filters

To: "'Charles & Peggy Robinson'" <>,
Subject: RE: Oil Filters
From: "Unger, Larry G" <>
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 23:10:35 -0400
Charley Robinson replied to Skye:

> Does your engine have an oil cooler?  I have one of those hanging
> spin-on filter adapters such as you describe but the pipe connector
> faces toward the rear as if it was intended to be connected direct
> to the block, not to the oil cooler.  I have never been able to find
> any fittings that would allow me to connect the oil cooler to it. It
> should eliminate the drain-back  problem AND be less messy to change
> the filter.

Hmmm ... do you have the Moss aftermarket adapter or the factory hanging
spin-on filter head?

All of the fiter heads (caninister or spin-on), that I've seen, will
accept the oil cooler.  Take a look at the oil cooler bits in the Moss
catalog ... your filter head should be fitted with or accept the UNION
ADAPTOR (435-590) ... this allows you to fit the hose ... if you loosen
the bolt that secures the filter head to the block, you should be able
to spin the head around so that oriented to accept the hose.

Safety Fast! ...

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