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Gas Tank Cleaning

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Subject: Gas Tank Cleaning
From: Rick Huber <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 08:51:39 -0400
Hi Listers,

I dropped the gas tank from my '75 B V8 conversion project yesterday, and
poured out about 3 gallons of varnish the DPO left me - the car has been
sitting since 1984.  The inside of the tank is caked with black deposits -
I presume partly rust / partly high molecular weight remainders of
gasoline.  The stuff on the sending unit really didn't dissolve well in

My question is it worth going through the cleaning / etching / sealing
routine with about $70 worth of stuff from Moss, is some other stuff - like
phosphoric acid in the local auto parts store just as good, or should I
just buy a new tank.  There is very little rust on the outside of the tank
- it looks very solid.  

Is there a web page or pages for this kind of how to stuff ?

On the plus side - the B has been back from the body / paint shop for a
week, and we're busily reinstalling lights, trim, doors, etc.  Next is the
interior and then we'll work on the engine compartment, build up the
engine, and hopefully have it running by the end of summer.  It's too hot
here in Louisiana in the summer anyway.  The gloss black finish looks
fabulous, and black is easy to touch up all those nicks, scrapes, and
scratches you invariably put in the car during reassembly. The bumpers look
great painted glossy black like the car, and we're glad we took the extra
effort to strip and paint the engine compartment.  Andrew (almost 17) and I
are having a greata time and my wife says it's worth every cent to see us
having so much fun together.  The non MG enthusiasts in the family (wife
and daughters) think it's great having a shiny black sports rod in the
carport now compared to the beat up faded red carport queen that we dragged
home in November.

Man these MGs are great !!!

Safety Fast,

Rick Huber
68 BRG B Daily Driver
75 Black B undergoing V8 conversion

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