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RE: Frustrations

To: "Ben Ruset" <>
Subject: RE: Frustrations
From: "Chris Delling" <>
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 10:33:42 -0700
The vertical seam is not there to allow the car to flex!  The MGB is a
unibody car.  The sill is a multi-piece box section.  The outer sill panel
runs from wheel well to wheel well, front to back.  The front wing is bolted
in place over the outer sill.  The panel is formed with a recess in it,
where the fender meets the sill.  The seam you describe is the created by
the overlap of the wing and the sill.

Assuming th car is otherwise solid, the welded seam will not cause the
adjacent panels to bend.  It may create the possibility for water to collect
where it would otherwise drain out.  It will cause difficulty if you need to
remove the wings in the future.  It may cause someone who is knowledgeable
about MG's to believe that the sills have been repaired poorly, or that
somthing is wrong with this critical section of the car.


Chris Delling

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> Ben Ruset wrote:
> >
> > Well, the car is back from the body shop. Unfortunately, the tow truck
> > driver who brought it over scratched the hell out of the front driver's
> > fender. Consequently, it will be back at the body shop getting
> the fender
> > resprayed.
> >
> > I also found out that the resivoir that holds my brake fluid
> was leaking,
> > due to a large crack in it. Hence, no brakes. A trip down to
> Doug's MG Shop
> > found me buying one for $5. This is about the only good thing that has
> > happened with this car these past several weeks. My mechanic
> was unable to
> > install it today - so "maybe" tomorrow it will go on. Great --
> I can have
> > the car when I'm supposed to be working.
> >
> > Anyway, the fact that the vertical seam under the doors (78 MGB, by the
> > way) are welded is really starting to get me worried. Does the car flex
> > there? If so, will I start to see my metal bending soon? The
> fact that it's
> > not right makes me worried that I've killed any value the car
> has and that
> > I will be laughed out of any show I go to as well.
> >
> > All I can say is so far, the "MGB experience" for me has been fairly
> > traumatic - at least over the past two weeks.
> >
> > I do wish that I was able to attend the convention in MD -
> unfortunately,
> > responsibilities up here beckon, and while my girlfriend's
> parents are in
> > Bermuda, I get to drive them to the pier in New York City that
> Sunday. We
> > (my girlfriend and I) may take the rest of the day and roam around Long
> > Island or something. I was thinking of a trip to Montauk or something...
> >
> > *sigh* I've only put ONE MILE on the car since last October. =(
> >
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