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Re: Rocker panels on a B

Subject: Re: Rocker panels on a B
From: Leckstein <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 06:12:47 -0400
At 04:15 PM 7/1/98 -0400, Proudfoot, Andrew wrote:
>Hello again Trevor;
>Sorry I don't have any of the parts you are looking for. I too will have
>to replace the rockers on the 77B but initial inspection seems that only
>the outers are needed. I was interested to hear your opinion in your
>return to Charlie. I have read in Obsolete's Newsletter that inners are
>always required but thought this just a marketing ploy.  
I did this many years ago on my 70BGT. The rockers form a double box
section with the inner rocker and floor. All three must be strong to hold
the car together. Remember there is no frame. These sections are critical
for safety. Even more so on the roadster. Do the rockers right. All of
them.  Rust comes from the inside, and what you see on the outer rocker is
the tip of the iceberg. Treat the new panels with a rust converter and
paint after welding. Don't take shortcuts in this area of your restoration
just because new outer rockers cover it all up.


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