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Re: !!! First Drive !!! (... and some questions!)

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Subject: Re: !!! First Drive !!! (... and some questions!)
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Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 19:28:20 -0500
   I'm working on my 70 GT, getting it read for state inspection (mostly
brakes & lights here if the car's over 24).  I had to repair a lot of the
wiring, and had everything working.  I neatly bundled the wiring up under
the dash,  fired up the engine, and nothing worked, except headlights.
   After tearing everything out again, and not finding the problem, I got
out the wiring diagram and looked for something common.  To make a
long story short and relevent,  I found corrosion on the fuse block under
the hood.  The fused wire supplying power to everything decided there
was too much resistance, and quit.  Cleaned up some contacts, and
everything was better again.
  When all else fails,  check out the wiring diagram to find the circuit
common to everything that quit, and you may find the problem.
(Curseing and hair pulling are optional...)

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Date: Wednesday, July 01, 1998 5:54 PM
Subject: !!! First Drive !!! (... and some questions!)

>I had my official "first drive" tonight on the streets of Eatontown, NJ.
>Although I only drove it up and down the street a few times, I had the top
>down and the car up to about 35. What a blast!!!
>Anyway, several things still need attention. I dunno whether or not I
>mentioned them in last night's email:
>Several gauges work sporatically - the tach, the fuel gauge, and the temp
>gauge. When these work, my wipers also work. When they don't work, the
>wipers dont. Is there one fuse, or some wire that may be shorting? My
>ignition switch is also messed up. You need to manually bring the key back
>from "start" to "on" instead of it bouncing back normally. Could the switch
>cause problems like that?
>The car also runs like crap. It's got a weber DGV, recently rebuilt.
>Sometimes it will run for a second and stall, sometimes 10 minutes and
>stall. Could the swich be messing this up as well?
>So many questions... so little time!
>Thanks in advance!
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