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Fw: My MGB got bent? - oops

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Subject: Fw: My MGB got bent? - oops
From: "Harlan Jillson" <>
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 1998 15:05:30 -0500
   That's Bentley's 1964 -1974, not 1964.  Must be
keyboard fumbleitus setting in.
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From: Harlan Jillson <>
To: Mike Lishego <>;
Date: Friday, July 03, 1998 3:02 PM
Subject: Re: My MGB got bent?

>   Bentley's 'The Complete Official MGB 1962 - 1964'
>has a section on checking the body/chassis alignment.
>There is a page for vertical and another for horizontal
>alignment useing a series of measurements from the
>floor and another series a diagonals from positions
>dropped from critical points on the chassis.  The
>looks like it would be a sure indication as to the
>status of your car.  If you don't have a copy of Bentleys or can't get on,
>maybe I could e-mail you
>a scanned image of the diagrams and instructions.
>(If needed it would have to be sometime next week
>because I don't have a scanner available this
>Good luck,
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>From: Mike Lishego <>
>To: <>
>Date: Friday, July 03, 1998 9:10 AM
>Subject: My MGB got bent?
>>Hello all,
>>    This recent thread about rusted and sagging MGB's has gotten me
>>thinking...My doors have never aligned well, even when all the bolts
>>are loosened and the door pushed to the uppermost of it's travels -
>>with new hinges, I might add.  The PO replaced the rusty sills and
>>floors by welding in some new metal.  I wonder if he didn't weld them
>>in place without taking the proper precautions and the car
>>subsequently began to fold.  After the welding was done, the car
>>would be structurally sound once again, just slightly 'bent' in the
>>    How can I determine if this happened to my car?  If my car is
>>bent by the DPO's ignorance, what would be the best road to take?
>>My guess is to hammer the sill area flat so the doors don't scrape
>>when opened and live with misaligned chrome trim stips.  I know,
>>beyond the shadow of a doubt that the sills are metal, not bondo.  I
>>have had door fitting problems since I bought the car, and I wonder
>>if this has anything to do with it?
>>Mike Lishego

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