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RE: engine work

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Subject: RE: engine work
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Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 10:45:19 -0700

The motor in my 77B was rebuilt a few thousand miles ago.  After the fact. I
made a decision to replace the cam with a performance grind, and replace the
pistons with a higher comp. type.

I performed this over the winter.  The job was done with the motor in the
car.  Dropped the pan, R&R the pistons, cam, oil pump, etc.  Didn't touch
the mains - they were replaced less than 5000 miles ago.  The job was
accomplished with about 30 hours of labor.

Clearly, the job would have been easier with the engine on the bench.  Of
course I have limited space, and would have needed to rent an engine hoist.
I don't think that the job would have taken less time by pulling the motor -
just easier.

That said, a rubber bumper B is a different animal than an A, CBB, or
Midget.  YMMV.


Chris Delling

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> > It is possible but I've only seen it done once..
> >
> > you'll have to pull the oil pan & the cylinder head.
> >
> > Last time i had to replace the oil pan w/ engine in place it
> took 8-9 hrs
> > start to finish. you  will have to remove the front motor
> mounts and then
> > jack up the engine to access the oil pan bolts over the front
> cross-member.
> >
> > I would be inclined to pull the engine instead.
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>   I've replaced rod & main bearings with the engine in the car.  Removed
> the head for a valve job too.  The motor mounts will have to be unbolted
> from the frame in either event.  I'd vote for leaving the engine in the
> car unless it turns out that the cylinders need reboring.
>   Charley Robinson
>   `69 B
>   Kerrville, TX

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